How to Install an EV Center at your Fuel Station?

Electric vehicles, the technology darling of today’s wonder world, typically tend to function seamlessly without eliminating harmful toxic emissions into the environment thus motivating us to take both a sigh as well as a breadth of relief. Charging a vehicle using a renewable energy source minimizes consumption of non-renewable energy sources. That said, charging large numbers of vehicles requires extensive investment and infrastructure. We are here to help.

The two realistic options

If you are a fuel station owner , you have two options. The first option, the more expensive one, involves converting your entire fuel station into an EV charging center. The second option, the one we recommend, involves the installation of an EV charging station at your fuel station to enable you to address both your customer communities– your gasoline customers as well as your EV customers.

How it works

Recently, Shell converted one of their gas stations in London into an all inclusive and exclusive EV center. It features nine 175-kW chargers powerful enough to charge most of the models of electric vehicles plying on London streets. Level 1 and level 2 models of EVs will need hours to get charged. However, in most situations, the time required to e-fuel your vehicle is relatively short. If your customers own a level-1 model EV, they will need to book a slot at your fuel station in advance because of the charging time involved.

The current scenario

We are, however, not implying that every gasoline station should be replaced with an EV center. A majority of vehicle owners tend to charge their vehicles at their own homes. Additionally, many own hybrid vehicles where the gasoline tank provides a comfort cushion and a backup of sorts. Charging an Ev at home, especially when it comes to your customers living in apartments and congested town home communities, is not a viable value proposition which is what makes your partial transition to establishing an EV charging center a good idea. If you own a fuel station, installing an EV center, therefore, is bound to add to your bottom line thus supplementing your revenues generated from traditional gasoline sales.

Moving Forward

There are many companies that will help you to either convert your gasoline station into a full-fledged EV charging center, or add to your existing infrastructure, an option we recommend strongly. It is critical that you change with the times and stay ahead of your competition. Are you ready to jump the gun and add an EV charging center to your arsenal of fuel services? Let us know in the blog comment below.

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